About Us

Values & Team Members

Our Values

FCS is an insurance company focused on writing bail surety and committed to providing our agents with quality, friendly service.


What does quality mean to us?

We have over 100 years of combined bail experience.

Legal expertise
Our lawyers stay up to date on the laws and processes for every state we work in.

You can trust us to work quickly to post bonds of all sizes, processes bond replacements and bestow powers.

We understand that all agents will have a claim eventually. You can trust that we will handle each situation individually, and work with you on a solution.

The bail business often requires efficient service when dealing with legal documents. We understand the importance of verifying details and following processes.


The success of our agents is very important to us. Our agent managers have close working
relationships with their agents and are available around the clock for assistance. Management is just a phone call away no matter when you need us.


We want to help our agents say yes to every bond. Not enough collateral? We will work with
you on a creative underwriting solution, so you can keep your customers. We want to work
with you to reach your goal while also staying protected. Need help with recovery? A forfeiture isn’t always the final answer. Experienced managers can provide recovery assistance.

Our Team

Bill Shields

President, Chief Executive Officer

Tony Smith

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer


Executive Vice President, General Counsel

Morris Moye

Vice President, Director, Business Development

Sarah Newcomb Regan

Vice President, Claims, Corporate Secretary

Darius Metoyer

Assistant Vice President, Agent Relations

Janet Bell

Director, Licensing

Julie Nunez

Director, Accounting & Finance

Bruce Fleishman

Director, Information Technology

Shelly Matheson

Assistant Corporate Secretary

Delia Watson

Manager, Claims

Kia McCluster

Manager, Agent Relations

Kimberley Hammons

Manager, Human Resources

Shakiyla Murphy

Senior Administrator, Agent Relations

Jeffrey Jones

Associate, Agent Relations