Applications & Forms

New Agent Applications

Liable Bail Agency/Producer Application

This is the application needed for an FCS contract. All information requested is required; please complete each statement.

Non-Liable Agent Appointment Application

This application is for the agency employees requiring a DOI appointment. Please make sure all statements are completed.

Additional Contract Forms

Applicant Authorization

This is a verification of your consent and understanding that FCS complies with Federal Regulations and will protect the information gathered on your application.

BUF Account Set-up Requirements

This form is needed to verify where your BUF account information will be mailed.

Business Financial Statement

This statement provides an overview of your agency (corporation) financial stability. Please answer all questions using N/A if an entry does not apply to your business.

W-9 Form

This is the current form required by the government and banking system.

California Agents

This list of forms MUST be signed and submitted to FCS prior to agent appointment.

Employee Listing

This is a list of employees working in your office. This is needed to verify names that may have authority to transact business with the insurance company.

Judgement Affidavit

(Texas requirement) a notarized signature to confirm you do not have any outstanding bond forfeitures and/or judgements.